" For plant with Diesel Generator + Solar/Wind/Hydro "

Hybrid Controller

Our InteliSys-NTC-Hybrid controller offers complex control of PV (Solar) & Diesel hybrid applications. It allows smooth integration of renewable energy to Diesel gen-sets while maintaining high reliability, safety and efficiency of the site. Controller automatically starts, synchronizes and load the generator to operate along with renewable energy source. Controller has in-built PLC. It easily interfaces with Inverter & BMS. Data from all source of energy is continuously monitored. It's Dynamic Spinning Reserve feature saves fuel by monitoring power output of DG and Renewable. A cloud based remote monitoring system provides online & stored data to facilitates the operation. In case, generator is under loaded below set value, then controller regulates Inverter output so that engine is loaded further to avoid its under loading. InteliSys NTC Hybrid can manage the outputs from gen-sets of different sizes, power outputs and different manufacturers, in such case the Fuel Save mode will automatically choose the most efficient combination of gen-sets based on their size to save some extra fuel. InteliSys NTC Hybrid provides interface to other system components like frequency inverters, BMS. Inputs and outputs are fully configurable for various customer needs. Interface to remote display units is possible to read the values. For communication, USB 2.0 slave interface, Ethernet, MODBUS and CAN communication is provided. Pre mortem history (50 records) Event-based history (up to 4000 records) & 160 additional programmable protections makes this controller versatile.