Roof Top Solar Power Plant

Rooftop Solar (PV) plants are gaining preference. These plants are normally in the capacity of 2KW to 150KW. Utilization of large amount...

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Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant

This is centralized type of Solar power plant. It is also called as Utility scale plant or Solar farm. PV plant of larger capacity (500kWp onwards) is...

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Solar Pump Set

Our system is suitable for all types of pumps viz. open well, submersible & deep well. We offer solar water pumps from 2kw to 100kw for agriculture...

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Go Solar with us today. Solar energy is free for all. It is abundant, sustainable & renewable. Government of India has taken initiative to encourage & support individual and organizations to utilize this source of energy. Net metering allows Solar plant owner to feed excess power to Grid & get offset for power consumed.Know More

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